Printing a statement in Dart

To tell our computer to display a English sentence or any human language sentence, we type print(" ") in DartPad and include our sentence in those double inverted commas followed by a semicolon compulsorily.
Example: print("Hello World!");

Inverted commas are important because we can write the sentence in single inverted commas too, like print('Hello World!'); it will give the same output, but it will matter when there is an apostrophe in our sentence.
If we want to write I'm Abby as a sentence, then using single inverted commas will treat only 'I' as a string (a type of data in programming) and rest of m Abby will not be identified by compiler. Hence will give an error.

What is Syntax?
Some rules and regulations while writing code is called syntax. Like it is mandatory to add a semicolon after every statement of our code.

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