ENIAC- The First Computer

ENIAC ENIAC vacuum tubes computer
Friends we always come with questions. how did this computer start in our life? Isn't it interesting how computers are developed?
Let's begin our journey toward knowing it. ENIAC was the first computer. ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. At the time of World War 2, there was a need of creating range and trajectory tables for newly developed weapons. And the organization responsible for it was the army's Ballistics Research Laboratory(BRL). It was not an easy task for creating a single trajectory table, it could take nearly 8-9 hours even more than a day.

So there was a need of creating some new technology to create a range and trajectory table.

Hence came the idea of creating a general use computer. It came to John Mauchly a professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania along with his fellow student John Eckert, suggested the creation of a computer to do such calculations. Hence, BRL also accepted the idea and work started. The machine was weighing 30 tonnes and 1500 sq.ft of room floor.

Some different and surprising thing was that the computer was working on decimal number systems and not on a binary numbers system. ENIAC was completed in 1946 but it was too late for world war but after that, it is used in the calculation of the feasibility of the hydrogen bomb until 1955 it was used by BRL and then it disassembled there. This was the creation of the first computer, many decades ago.

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